Dear Community Members,
Before I founded Holistic Childbirth, I was working with medically underserved populations at Community Health Centers.  More specifically, my job focused on expanding access to quality health care, education and insurance through the hard work of AmeriCorps volunteers.  The mission of Community Health Centers continues to influence my work today, in that I strongly believe in having access to education and healthcare for everyone- especially the most vulnerable populations. 
With this mission in mind, I encourage you to donate to the Holistic Childbirth Class Donation Fund as a way to sponsor families who might not have the means to otherwise attend classes.  I donate my services as much as I am able, but am excited to create this fund in order to expand access to evidence-based birth education to those most in need.
Please consider sponsoring a family today:

“You helped me to be courageous and joyous at the same time releasing my fears by looking at them in depth and re-framing them.  You took the time for me.  I appreciate that you never forgot about me. You always were there when you said you would be, and then some.”- Testimonial from a pro-bono client.

Thank you for supporting families during their transition into parenthood. 



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Kate shared…an important moment… and will be in our hearts forever.

Kate’s class was tailored to fit our particular needs.
- L&D

Kate listens to your concerns with great empathy and knows exactly what a woman…needs to hear.
- JS

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