Holistic Childbirth is excited to offer continuing education workshops for those interested in expanding their expertise as they support pregnant couples during their transition into parenthood. Having the exposure to a wide-range of support services allows providers to holistically address the needs of each individual client. 

Check the calendar to the right for a schedule of workshops.  If you are interested in a particular workshop that isn’t scheduled, contact me!  I am happy to schedule something if there are enough participants interested in attending. 

Professional Workshops offered through Holistic Childbirth are:

Childbirth Education Series
Doulas and other birth professionals are invited to join a childbirth education series to further their education on birth preparation.  I am happy to provide you with any necessary documentation of completion of the series to apply towards doula certification.  Cost to audit a series: $100
Perinatal Counseling: understanding emotional needs in pregnancy
This workshop is designed to help professionals understand the range of emotional needs in pregnancy.  Participants will gain an understanding of how women process and perceive pain in pregnancy and how they can support women to meet their emotional needs.

Holistic transitions: supporting families as they go from prenatal to parenthood
This workshop is designed to provide best practices and resources for doulas to create a toolbox of support techniques as they guide parents through birth into parenthood.

Additional workshops…
Holistic Childbirth is partnering with other organizations in the community to offer workshops to expand your birth-related skills. Stay tuned for workshops on breastfeeding, perinatal mood disorders, perinatal loss, postpartum care, massage, and acupuncture in birth. 

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Kate shared…an important moment… and will be in our hearts forever.

Kate’s class was tailored to fit our particular needs.
- L&D

Kate listens to your concerns with great empathy and knows exactly what a woman…needs to hear.
- JS

Upcoming Events, Classes & Workshops

   October  2014 »
  • Beyond What to Expect Holistic Childbirth Classes
    Starts: 6:00 pm
    Ends: October 30, 2014 - 9:00 pm
    Location: 201 Dey Street, Suite 203
    Description: 6 Week comprehensive, evidence-based and fun Childbirth Education Series. Class Blurb: Couples are faced with many decisions to navigate as they make the best choices for themselves. I believe that childbirth education is profoundly important in helping women and couples explore their options while they prepare for birth and the transition into parenthood.

    Rather than teach one type of labor support, classes are designed to help couples understand the birth process. By helping them understand the array of options available and teaching a wide range of coping strategies to help couples have a satisfying birth experience, the goal is to connect parents to their strengths and beliefs about birth. By providing women and partners with a range of evidence-based information, I encourage them to follow their instincts in birth, empowering them to make the choices that are right for their body, their birth and their baby.