There is no right or wrong way to birth a baby. Couples are faced with many decisions to navigate as they make the best choices for themselves. I believe that childbirth education is profoundly important in helping women and couples explore their options while they prepare for birth and the transition into parenthood. Having access to information is both a right and a responsibility as a new parent. In addition to information, the most valuable thing a woman can bring to birth is trust in her body and the birthing process.

Rather than teach one type of labor support, classes are designed to help couples understand the birth process. By helping them understand the array of options available and teaching a wide range of coping strategies to help couples have a satisfying birth experience, the goal is to connect parents to their strengths and beliefs about birth. By providing women and partners with a range of evidence-based information, I encourage them to follow their instincts in birth, empowering them to make the choices that are right for their body, their birth and their baby.

I offer both small group classes (no larger than 6 couples) or teach private sessions catering to your specific interests about birth. All of our childbirth education series typically cover:

  • Discovering your beliefs about birth
  • Third trimester, self-care and complimentary care for pregnancy
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Signs of labor
  • Phases and stages of labor
  • Discover how similar birth is to sex
  • You have what you need: discovering your natural pain coping strategies
  • Movement and positions for labor
  • Massage, rebozo, and acupressure for labor
  • The role of the partner and the role of a doula
  • Breath work and guided relaxation for labor
  • Develop excellent communication with your birth team
  • Medical technology and interventions
  • Transfer to the hospital (for homebirth only)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Diapers, baby wearing, crying and comfort
  • The postpartum body
  • Postpartum relationships, change in identity and sexuality
  • Transition into parenthood

*this list does not include all information that would be included in a vbac, or refresher class*

Upcoming Classes for 2015


October 1st-November 19th (Skipping October 15th and November 5th)- FULL

January 7th-February 18th (Skipping Feb 11th)

March 3rd- April 7th

May 5th-June 9th


November 28th, December 6th and 13th

Sundays, March 6th-March 20th

Sundays, May 22nd-June 5th

For more information about scheduled classes or private instruction, please contact me, or call: 917-613-7865.

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Kate shared…an important moment… and will be in our hearts forever.

Kate’s class was tailored to fit our particular needs.
- L&D

Kate listens to your concerns with great empathy and knows exactly what a woman…needs to hear.
- JS

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